Sorbonne UniversitéFaculté de MathématiquesMaster Mathématiques et Applications

Organization and schedule of the M2

The program comprises courses and a Master Thesis ("mémoire").

Courses are scheduled on 4 periods, each one of 6 weeks, in the following way

For most courses, grades depend on a written exam. For advanced courses, grades may be awarded on the basis of an oral exam, a presentation, or a mini-memoire.

Here are the validation rules for each option, as of September 2013.

Parcours "Mathématiques Recherche"

Courses (36 ECTS)

Students must get 4x9=36 ECTS via courses, with at most 18 ECTS coming from introductory courses and at least 9 ECTS coming from advanced courses ("fondamentaux 2" or "spécialisés"). It is also possible to take courses from other universities (Paris 7, Orsay...) upon acceptance by the directors of the M2.

Master Thesis (21 ECTS)

This is a dissertation on a contemporary research article or subject, accompanied by an oral defense.

Students are advised to prospect a potential supervisor as soon as they have a precise idea of their own interests. In any case, they should have made their choice by the end of March.

The date of the defense is fixed jointly with the supervisor. Important : the students who plan to apply to a Contrat Doctoral from our Ecole Doctorale should have completed the M2 by the end of June. For all the others, the deadline for defense is end of September.

The 3 last ECTS

are awarded upon learning how to use (La)TeX, which is the most widely used typesetting system among mathematicians.

Parcours "Mathématiques Avancées"

Courses (36 ECTS)

Students must get 3x9=27 ECTS via courses. Besides the courses of our M2 Program, they may take certain courses from the M1 program. Always ask a responsible before planning to do so. Note that at most 12 ECTS may be obtained this way. Here is the list of qualifying M1 courses (see also the booklet of the Master).

Master Thesis (21 ECTS)

It is similar to that of the Reseach option.

Les 3 ECTS d'ouverture

Similar to the other option.


Many courses can be followed at distance. The student download the lecture notes from the professor's website and keep in touch with him by email. However the exams take place in the University.