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M2 "Mathématiques fondamentales"

This program is a second year option of the Master de Sciences et Technologie, Mention Mathématiques et Applications. It is designed for students who hold any diploma equivalent to a M1 in Mathematics (first year of Master, see the booklet to get an idea).

Most areas of pure mathematics are covered, in accordance with the broad interests of the faculty members of the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche

An important point. By default, most of the lectures are given in french. However, all of the professors can teach in english, and certainly will, provided a majority of students ask them to do so. In any case, most of them write lecture notes -in english or in french- and/or give book references, and of course will answer questions in english.

There are two options in the Program.

Parcours "Mathématiques Recherche"

This option is intended for students who plan to continue on a PHD program. Most foreign students will take this one.

Parcours "Mathématiques Avancées"

This option, easier, is intended for students whose main concern is to have a fairly complete training in Mathematics.

The award rules for each option are detailed here.

A booklet (in french) gathering all the info of this site.